Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun With a Moka Pot

Brewing Coffee with a Moka Pot is relatively easy and fun, as well as inexpensive. Moka pots are often marketed as stovetop espresso makers, but  they do not produce real espresso, because they cannot generate close to enough pressure. They  do produce coffee that is thick rich and full bodied, that is much more intense than drip coffee. This is how I use mine.

You will need: Freshly roasted coffee,  A burr grinder A Moka pot, Cups, A Stove, And a scale but that is not a necessity,

First I weigh 30 grams of coffee, this is for a
six cup moka pot that will produce 12 oz brewed coffee.

Grind em up, I use a medium grind so grounds don't fit through
the holes of the filter basket.

I use my electric kettle to boil water before brewing to speed up the entire process
and hopefully preventing over extraction.
Fill the bottom chamber up to the fill line.
Dump the ground coffee into the filter basked that i forgot to take a picture of.
Screw the top on and put that thing on the stove. If you used hot water, like me use a tea towel to hold the bottom chamber so you don't burn your hands off.
Pre-heat the cups with boiled water.

Place your moka pot on the stove at medium low heat.
A couple of minutes later coffee begins flowing slowly out of the holes.
Halfway full
When it makes a gurgling nose called the burp turn the heat off. Be sure to close the lid if it's open!

Pour and serve. add milk if you are a sissy.

If this has sparked your interest you can pick up a moka pot at millions of locations on the internet.
Many big box stores carry them as well, i also see them at TJ maxx and Marshall's  every once in a while.

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