Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun With a Moka Pot

Brewing Coffee with a Moka Pot is relatively easy and fun, as well as inexpensive. Moka pots are often marketed as stovetop espresso makers, but  they do not produce real espresso, because they cannot generate close to enough pressure. They  do produce coffee that is thick rich and full bodied, that is much more intense than drip coffee. This is how I use mine.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Counter Culture Coffee

Today  my order from Counter Culture Coffee  came.  Here are some pics.  I am very excited to try out this sexy espresso.  I ordered the espresso trio pack and got Toscano, Aficianado, and Apollo 4.2.  I"m impressed, I ordered them on Monday, Counter Culture roasted them all on Tuesday and they arrived on Friday. 

Moka Pot, French Press, Chemex

Espresso Trio Pack

The given brew parameters will be a nice starting point.  Left to Right: Toscano, Aficianado